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    Multimode fiber transceiver module

    Giving you a safer and more convenient choice

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    Plastic optical fiber transceiver module

    Low-cost, high-voltage applications for automotive,

    industrial, and consumer markets

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    Optocoupler chips

    Receiver-side chips are available for optocoupler packaging to

    support isolated applications such as communication and drivers

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    Laser ranging chip

    Supports high-speed laser ranging applications

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    Optical communication chips

    It can be used for access networks and data communications,

    and the product rate covers 2.5Gbps to 100Gbps


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About us

Chengdu Neorock Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven enterprise focusing on providing high-performance chip solutions in the field of high-speed optical communications. The team has nearly 20 years of experience in integrated circuit design and production, the chips designed by the company have completely independent intellectual property rights, based on strong research and development capabilities, we can provide customers with a variety of chip and device customization solutions, and can also provide customers with professional advice to assist customers in selection.